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Staff Screening & Training

Credible, Reliable, Competent

At Enviro-clean we hire quality employees that you can count on—people who are not only honest and dependable, but have the competencies to get the job done right.

Pre-Employee Screening

Due Diligence

Our comprehensive employee screening process incorporates due diligence expertise that goes above and beyond the standard legal requirements—offering our customers complete peace of mind when enlisting our services.

Cross Checks

  • 1. Initial Screen
  • 2. Reference Checks
  • 3. Interview(s)
  • 4. Social Security Check
  • 5. Drug Screening
  • 6. State Police Background Check
  • 7. FBI & State Police Fingerprint Check

Our Training

All Enviro-Clean employees take part in a multi-faceted training process.

1. Orientation

New team members are taught product usage, safety, energy conservation, personal conduct and Enviro-Clean policies & procedures.

2. On-Site Training

New team members receive on-site, hands-on training, covering required cleaning techniques, procedures and facility-specific protocols.

3. Ongoing Training

In addition to annual classroom education, supplemental training is regular and ongoing for all employees.

“When you choose Enviro-Clean you’re bringing an experienced team with a ‘can-do will-do’ attitude. I am so proud of our team and the way they serve our customers every day!”

Steve Koster, Enviro-Clean Vice-President, Operations/H.R.

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