Janitorial Staff Training

We go to great lengths to maintain a pleasant work environment for everyone, because we understand that our team members are the backbone of our company, and our success. With 40 years in the business we have found many ways to attract, reward and motivate outstanding local employees.

Janitorial Staff Screening

Our hiring process begins with an extensive screening process. It is only a select few who make it through screening; on average, we hire only one of nine applicants. Depending on the facility needs, the screening process can be 5 to 7 steps.

Initial Screening

 Detailed Work History Check

 In depth Interview

 State Police Background Check

 Social Security Check

 Drug Screen

 FBI Fingerprint Check

Staff Training Process

The multi-faceted training our janitorial employees receive is second to none.

1. Classroom Orientation

Orientation is held in a classroom setting, where new staff are taught how they should conduct themselves around our clients, as well as product usage, safety, energy conservation, and our standard policies and procedures.

2. On-Site Training

All new employees are then given on-site, hands-on training. After which the manager will step back, while still stopping in often, to make sure the new member is comfortable with the experience, and that he/she is meeting our company’s cleaning service standards.

3. Supervisory Check Ups

Once the new team member has fully taken charge of their new job, he or she will be put on a routine contact basis, where the focus of supervisory visits is checking cleanliness and motivation.