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Cleaning Chemical Dilution

We all know that we should follow directions when using and diluting cleaning chemicals.  With that said, we all know that sometimes one might feel that having a stronger mixture of a chemical will do a better job.

At Enviro-Clean, the vast majority of our cleaning chemicals are dispensed through meters that always give the proper dilution of a cleaning chemical.  Metered chemical dispensers do more than help give the correct dilution, they also help control waste which is good for the environment.

Mixing chemicals at a stronger than recommended ratio leads to the following issues:

  • Chemicals that are dangerous to use
  • Chemicals that can damage the items they are applied to
  • Chemicals that do not clean as well as properly diluted chemicals
  • Chemicals that can leave residue and cause streaking
  • Environmental impact of wasting products
  • Increased cost of wasted products
  • Waste of having to order/transport more products than necessary

Enviro-Clean does use a hand full of products that are not easily diluted using a metering system or metering bottle.  One example is floor stripper.  Enviro-Clean’s preferred floor stripper is delivered in 5 gallon boxes as it is more environmentally friendly.  This boxed floor stripper does not come with a metering system.  The dilution ratio is 1:6 – 1:10.  A dilution of 1:6 is 21.3 oz. per gallon of water.  A dilution of 1:10 is 12.8 oz. per gallon of water. Use the 1:10 dilution for floor stripping and 1:6 for floors that are in very bad condition with many layers of old finish. Mixing stronger than 1:6 will provide decreasing results.

Always use a measuring cup to measure out chemicals. The “glug glug” method does not cut it. To determine how many ounces per gallon note that a gallon is 128 ounces. To figure a 1:6 ratio: 128 / 6 = 21.33 ounces of chemical per gallon of water.

View the video below to see why mixing chemicals at their correct dilution really does prevent waste and provides a product that works to its maximum potential while being safe to use.  Thank you to Diversey Care for providing this excellent video.

Keep this information in mind any time you are diluting cleaning chemicals.  Always dilute as directed by the manufacturer for maximum performance and safety while minimizing waste.