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Cleaning Tips

Custodial Trash Safety Tips

When performing custodial services many injuries occur while emptying trash.

Use these procedures while working with trash to avoid injury:

Carefully open the lid to the dumpster.  If opening the container is too far a reach or may cause you a strain use a broom handle to lift the cover.

Lay trash containers on their side when emptying.  This relieves suction of the bag in the container and avoids lifting heavy loads above the waist.  If you need holes drilled in your Brute to reduce suction contact your manager.

Bend at your knees and CAREFULLY LIFT (NEVER SWING) bags into dumpsters.  Swinging bags has been the cause of injuries of Enviro-Clean team members in the past.

Break down heavy bags of trash into smaller/lighter bags.

While performing your custodial services do not allow bags to bump or touch your body as there may be sharp objects inside.