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Safety Tips

Staying Safe this Winter Season

Winter is coming and with that, brings snow. Ice, snow shoveling, and side walk salting all pose dangers during work. In Enviro-Clean’s effort to continue a safe work environment, here are some proactive setups to take during the winter months.

Disposing of trash:

  • Keep paths to dumpsters and vehicles clear of ice and snow. Salt icy areas before bringing trash to the dumpster.
  • When disposing of trash into the dumpster, be sure the area you stand in is free of ice and snow.
  • Remove snow from the dumpster lids with a broom or shovel before opening the lid.
  • Keep feet planted when disposing of trash bags. Avoid swinging the trash bag, you could lose your footing.
  • If snow is accumulated in front of your dumpster, report it immediately.