Janitorial Services for Schools & Educational Facilities

Enviro-Clean employs 870+ full time cleaning team members specifically dedicated to providing janitorial services to Michigan schools every day.  Our janitorial team members working in schools are quickly welcomed as part of each school’s staff family, thanks to their sincere commitment to excellence, not only in their janitorial services, but in each and every interaction. Enviro-Clean’s decades of experience partnering with educational institutions has resulted in phenomenal success, thanks mostly to to word of mouth referrals.

Janitorial services we can bring to your school include:

Custodial & Janitorial Services

Snow Removal

Stadium Cleanup


Courier Services

Window Cleaning

Policing of Grounds

Maintenance & Repairs

Moving of Furniture & Property

Light Cleaning & Replacement

Hard Surface Floor Maintenance

Pressure Wash Walls & Concrete

Temporary Staffing

Certified Pool Operators

Event Setup & Tear Downs

Field Marking

Graffiti Removal

Carpet Extraction

Aerial Lift Work

HVAC Filter Changing

Grounds Maintenance

Meeting Your School’s Needs

We have earned the trust of a large number of school districts throughout Michigan, and as a result, we thoroughly understand, and are equipped to meet, the particular needs of K-12 schools, colleges and universities. A proactive management approach gives our team the flexibility and responsiveness to anticipate each customer’s changing needs.

At Enviro-Clean, we have put in place ongoing training and quality control programs which are unmatched in the industry, assuring we can deliver on our promises, each and every time. The staff we select to maintain your facilities are thoroughly screened prior to being assigned to your schools and buildings.

Our educational customers consistently report that our janitorial team fit in exceptionally well, and are a welcome addition to their school’s “family”.

When you partner with Enviro-Clean, you can expect superbly trained staff to cover all your needs. Flexible staffing ensures our team will be able to cover events, such as athletic games, meetings, parent visitations, sports camps and rentals. Our janitorial team supplies the latest, most efficient equipment necessary to make your entire campus sparkle.  Well-trained janitorial teams ensure that schools and facilities are not only clean, but also completely safe for faculty, students, and invitees.

Quality of Janitorial Services in Schools

Your peace of mind and ability to measure our janitorial success depends on timely and accurate communication regarding the status of your buildings. Our unique Facility Information System gives customers a complete solution for on-line reporting and data management, giving you a single source to manage all your facility data.

From a mobile device, the Contract Manager rates the maintenance level of the facility every month, or more frequently if necessary. This can be performed soleyly by Enviro-Clean’s team, or in partnership with your designated representative. As soon as it’s available, the data is downloaded to an internet portal which can be viewed by both our management team and by you, the client.

Wireless communication allows you to generate work orders online, which are immediately received by our Project Managers via their handheld devices. This allows an immediate response from our end, as well as letting you conveniently track our progress online.

This electronic correspondence is permanently stored and organized for future reference. All maintenance requests and concerns will be accurately recorded, and can be accessed at any time, so that our service information is always at your fingertips.

Our Contract Manager will meet monthly with each principal or decision maker to discuss and rate the previous month’s service levels. The reports generated during these monthly meetings are the basis for our continual improvement program. No matter how well we are performing, we strive to identify areas where improvement is possible – this our Enviro-Clean promise.

School Janitorial Training

Front-line staff members working in schools and educational facilities are the face of Enviro-Clean, so it is crucial that they receive proper training. Each of our janitorial team members must know not only how to clean properly, but also how to interact in a school environment. They must understand Enviro-Clean’s values, as well as those of our clients. Rigorous training for those assigned to schools and education buildings include:


Each new employee must attend a two-hour orientation prior to beginning work. This session is used to cover the following topics: Enviro-Clean’s history, dedication to customers, explanation of the Mission Statement, explanation of timekeeping procedures, policy for reporting absences, scheduling time-off and referral bonus program.

On-Site Training

Each new employee will be accompanied by a trainer for a minimum of five days. Based on the assignment, training will cover the following topics in detail:

Trash and recycling

Daily restroom cleaning

Detail cleaning

Dust mopping


Special event setup/cleanup


Light maintenance

Spray buffing/burnishing

Spot cleaning for windows

Carpet vacuuming and spot removal

Job prep and cleanup

Café & break area cleaning

Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping

Customer relations

Ceiling and wall washing

Before the training is over, each new employee will be trained and certified to consistently complete these tasks according to our highest quality standards. Our school janitorial staff training does not end after initial orientation and on-site training. Employees receive a minimum 10 hours of on-going training yearly.

School Janitorial Staff Screening

It is of utmost importance that all staff members assigned to maintain school buildings and educational facilities be thoroughly screened. All Enviro-Clean staff members assigned to schools, as well as substitute school cleaners, undergo the following screening process:

1. Initial Screening

The screening process starts with the receptionist screening out applicants who obviously will not fit in well with the school environment. Some traits that might eliminate an applicant for consideration for a school assignment are poor communication skills, failure to graduate from high school or earn a GED, offensive tattoos, evasiveness, or signs of aggressiveness. We seek employees with whom staff and students will be comfortable interacting.

2. Reference Checking

Each applicant’s work history is confirmed by contacting past employers to check the accuracy of dates of employment, lapses in employment or any indication that the applicant left under adverse circumstances.

3. Interviewing

Once passing the reference check stage, the candidate is interviewed. The interview goes far beyond asking simple questions one might expect when applying for a custodial position. Our HR recruiters are seasoned professionals, and are able to identify those best fit for our team using stiff criteria.

4. Social Security Check

The name and social security number of each candidate are validated through the Social Security Administration. This ensures that the candidate is who he/she says they are, and it eliminates the chance that a person without proper documentation would allowed access to your facilities.

5. Drug Screening

All candidates considered for an educational assignment must pass a five panel drug screen prior to being allowed into any school facility.

6. State Police Background Check

Each candidate must have no prior convictions of a crime against person or property, a drug conviction, or a felony conviction. The State Police background check gives an immediate record of any Michigan conviction.

7. FBI & State Police Fingerprint Check

All staff members must be fingerprinted and given a clean conviction history by the State Police and FBI, based on fingerprint records. This is a final check to assure that the applicant has no conviction history.

School and Educational Clientele

We have been maintaining public school facilities since 1996, and we presently provide custodial services for 40 Michigan school districts throughout lower Michigan. A complete list of educational customers and reference contact info may be provided upon your request.