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Commercial Disinfecting Services

At Enviro-Clean we offer disinfecting services that go beyond clean, protecting your facility, keeping your people healthy and your business operational. Whether you require routine high-touch disinfecting, COVID-19 disinfecting, or a one-time electrostatic spraying and fogging, our teams are trained and fully equipped to meet your sanitizing needs.

Electrostatic Disinfecting

Electrostatic technology uses electrodes to positively charge sanitizers and disinfectants—creating the ultimate combination of efficacy and efficiency when it comes to taking down dangerous pathogens.

Zaps cold & flu viruses, MRSA & norovirus in 2 minutes
Quick & easy one-step disinfecting
Annihilates 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds
Sanitizes soft surfaces and upholstery

360° Coverage

We’re proud to use The Clorox® Total 360® Disinfecting System. Using electrostatic technology, the innovative sprayer emits an ultra-fine mist of disinfectant that wraps 360 degrees around all objects, including the hard-to-reach places like the backs and undersides of surfaces.

“Our staff feels more comfortable coming to work knowing we have Enviro-Clean disinfecting all of our work areas…”

Human Resource Manager of Commercial Facility

High Touch Disinfecting

Instead of coating every single surface with disinfectant, we manually target the frequently touched surfaces within your facility—i.e., door knobs, lights switches, hand railings etc.

Disinfecting your High-Touch Surfaces with…

  • Allergy-free disinfectants to avoid allergy triggers
  • Hospital-grade solutions that leave your space clinically clean
  • Appropriate PPE relevant to your environment
  • Color-coded microfibers that reduce cross-contamination
  • Proper dwell times to kill germs and pathogens
  • True expertise in cleaning with 45+ years experience

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Let us customize a disinfecting strategy that is optimal for your environment.